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People just like you work here. It’s amazing what we accomplish when we’re here together!

Build your career in an International Brand!

We supply the tools and give you the support to help your career grow.

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Choose your area of interest and create something people love to use every day

UI Designer

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UX Developers

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PHP Developer

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Server Administrator

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UI Designer

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UX Developers

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PHP Developer

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Server Administrator

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Our Culture

We give employees the freedom to be awesome



Transparency, openness, and honesty are critical to enhancing and maintaining the trust of clients, employees and partners.



At Hosting Centre our incessant hunger for growth is complemented by our obsession with the personal growth and happiness of our people.



Our all employees are responsible and aware of their actions, performance, decisions and behaviour.They set clear standards and expectations before work is begun.

Why Should You Join Us

All things @HostingCentre, All in Single Best Place

Employee First

Employee always first to keep their own views on the task, we listen them and make right decision.

Advanced Resources

Our actions aim to improve your knowledge curve so that you can gain a significant volume of life-changing knowledge as you work with Hosting Centre

Positive Environment

Happy feeling is always a good sign for the company, Get always appreciation and friendly environment.

Training & Development

Get professional knowledge with our team and get live projects to enhance your capability.

Groundbreaking Projects

Will get live projects and understand the error and resolve it on time.

Open Communication

Avoid any hesitation do open communication with management and team lead to get the best results.

Rewards & Benefits

Awesome performance always make your value to get the good achievements and rewards from management.

Fun Connect

Arranging a Trip with all candidates to make them happy and connect with to each other, be happy & learn.

Our Tech Hiring Process

If it’s your chance, give your best shot.

Initial Interaction

We try to know the eligibility of the candidates to make right decision for the company to know about their background.

Technical Interview

We believe in that our entire employee should be technical sounded in their filed to face no hassle while dealing with clients.

Real-time Assignment

A distributed task is usually divided up into several subtasks, they can enhance their capability.

Final HR Discussion

Our HR Team review candidates capability and knowledge and make right final decision further.