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Recently Launched TLDs

  • .inc

    The TLD that means business

  • .is

    Who .is ready to get creative?

  • .dev

    Show what you’re building with .dev

  • .travel

    Unleash the explorer in you

Coming Soon

  • .ooo

    Launch time – TBD

  • .ph

    Launch time – TBD

  • .nl

    Launch time – TBD

  • .it

    Launch time – TBD

  • .charity

    Launch time – TBD

  • .do

    Launch time – TBD

  • .web

    Launch time – TBD

  • .luxe

    Launch time – TBD

  • .fan

    Launch time – TBD

  • .realestate

    Launch time – TBD

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find the latest upcoming TLD listed at the top of this page and you can sign up to receive an email from us when it goes live. We’ll keep the “Coming Soon” section up to date, so you’ll always know which TLDs to expect next. If you’d like to browse even more new TLDs, check out ICANN’s new TLD launch list. Learn more about new domain extensions.

If your gTLD is not on the list for the upcoming launch, please reach out to our support team and let them know which TLDs you’d like to see launched–we’ll definitely see what we can do. While certain domain extensions are not listed on our TLD list, we have partnerships with many of the world’s leading domain administrators and operators and add new gTLDs regularly.

Pre-order is basically a priority pre-registration, which allows you to book your name of choice in a particular namespace before the new TLD becomes publicly available for registration. We frequently support pre-orders for certain new domain extensions and will let you know which ones when they become available. Learn more about pre-registering a gTLD.

Yes, usually domain pre-order comes with an additional fee which is set by the registry. This may differ from registry to registry and also between TLDs. Pre-order fees also change with time–the closer you are to the TLD launch date, the lower the fee. Keep in mind, however, that waiting for the fee to drop means someone may grab your domain before you! Learn more about the phases of launching new gTLDs.

The variety of TLDs available means that there’s something for everything under the sun. The search engines view all TLDs as equal and there is no special consideration given for sites with a .com suffix versus the new ones. However, you will want to think about your customer base and whether or not they’ll be familiar with newer domain extensions. Find out more about choosing the right TLD.

Closed TLDs exist because they are intended for limited use or needed for testing or documentation purposes. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) reserved the DNS labels .invalid, .example, .localhost and .test to allow for easy testing on websites without confusion. Restricted TLDs were created with a very specific purpose. American users are familiar with .gov and .mil, two rTLDs (restricted Top Level Domains) that are to be used exclusively for government and military purposes. Similarly, .edu extension is also restricted and only accredited institutes or US-based post-secondary institutions can use it. Find out more about how TLDs work.