cPanel - phpMyAdmin

     how to use phpMyAdmin in cPanel?

To access phpMyAdmin, click on the phpMyAdmin link, which can be found under the databases section of cPanel Home.

You will see a dashboard similar to this.

On the left-hand pane, there is a list of databases, which can be expended to see the table in each database. On the right-hand pane, there is general information of Database server.

Execute an SQL Query

 To execute an SQL Query on a database, we will need to perform the following steps −

Step 1 − Select the database from left pane by clicking over the name of the database. Once the database is selected, it will show you the structure of the database.

Step 2 − Click on SQL from top bar to open SQL editor.

Step 3 − Write your query into the SQL editor. You can also enter multiple queries, separated by a semicolon (;).

Step 4 − Click the Go button to execute the query. If the query is executed successfully, you will get a success message.




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