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cPanel – Site Publisher

     How to Create a Website via cPanel’s Site Publisher!

Step 1 — Locating Site Publisher in cPanel interface

Site Publisher icon will be located in Domains section as follows:

Step 2 — Choosing a website location and its template

After entering Site Publisher, you will be prompted to choose which domain or subdomain the publisher should use.

Once chosen, the next step will show you all the available templates:

There are three options available:

  • About Me – This choice will give you the option to create a simple “about me” page on your domain, while you develop a full-scale website.
  • Business – choose this if you would like the site to show your business information to the visitors.
  • Personal – choose this if you would like visitors to see your own personal contact information.

Step 3 — Customizing and publishing the site

 The next step’s structure will depend on which template you will choose. It gives you an opportunity to write down the information you wish the website to show.






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