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How to use Email Routing in cPanel?

Configure Email Routing

To configure the email routing for your domain, follow these steps −

Step 1 − Open cPanel Email Routing by clicking Email Routing from Email Section of cPanel Interface.

Step 2 − Select the domain for which you want to configure Email Routing.

Step 3 − When you will select the domain from the drop-down Email Routing setting will appear. The current applied setting is displayed bold.

Step 4 − Change your current setting only when you need it. Select any of these four options according to your need.

  • Automatically Detect Configuration − This enables the cPanel to automatically detect the best settings according to priorities of your MX records.
  • Local Mail Exchanger − This enables your server to receive emails, even if any MX entry of higher priority is found. In this case, emails are sent to both domains.
  • Backup Mail Exchanger − In this case, your server acts as backup mail exchanger and if your primary mail exchanger is offline, then it holds the emails until your primary server is back online. You need to have a proper MX Entry for your primary mail exchanger.
  • Remote Mail Exchanger − In this case, your domain does not accept any mail and reroutes them to your primary email server.


Step 5 − Click Change and your new setting will appear in bold letters.




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