Reasons to buy SSD VPS cloud hosting

Looking for ways to improve your website speed and climb google ranking? According to the latest research, SSD drives are playing an important role in speeding up your website, in turn boosting your ranking. Let us understand how SSD VPS cloud hosting could be your best bet to meet these objectives.

 What is VPS?

 VPS an abbreviation for Virtual Private/Personal Server. A large physical server is placed in a highly secured data centre, whose location depends upon the Internet hosting service provider you choose.

A VPS server can be easily customized based on the need for a website. Having said that, due to the use of hard disk drives (HDD) and shared hardware resources, sometimes VPS servers tend to become a little slower. This happens mainly when the other websites on the same server use high resources.

 What is SSD?

SSD is an abbreviation for Solid State Drive/Disk. SSD is an advanced storage device that makes use of microchips for storing information. It is much faster than the traditional HDD because it picks information from these chips, unlike hard disk drive that uses a mechanical arm with a read/write head to spin around on the storage platter to pick the desired information. This basic difference of solid-state-drive from hard disk drive has made it the most popular storage device, especially in the hosting ecosphere. SSD offers lightning-fast loading speed to websites thereby improving overall performance.

What is SSD VPS hosting?

SSD VPS hosting brings together the greatest advantages of SSD and VPS server, making it a great choice for websites having heavy traffic. When SD storage is merged with a virtual private server, it extremely enhances the hosting experience. In case your website has outgrown shared hosting, you should consider switching to SSD VPS hosting for a more robust hosting solution.

SSD VPS hosting provides the following advantages:

  • Super-fast loading speed: SSDs do not have any moving parts, they pick desired information directly from the right place thus considerably improving page load time.
  • High security and reliability: SSD generates less heat, enhances random read rate, and is highly resilient. This ensures that the storage drive doesn’t crash. Thus your data is safer with SSD VPS Server.
  • Portability: Since SSDs are light-weight, they can easily be carried in your laptop.
  • Stability: SSDs offer a higher level of stability. Each data is stored carefully.
  • Environment friendly: HDD consumes more power as compared to SSD because it uses mechanical components. SSD uses less power while giving better performance and faster access to data.
  • Visibility of website: A very fast load helps to gain better google ranking. This is because they measure speed as a quality indicator for their search results algorithm.

Can you name some more advantages? If yes, do let us know in the comments below.

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