Linux Operating System

How has Linux dedicated server a better option?

Are you in the process of deciding an operating system for your server? Then choose the OS installed on over 95% of the world’s best supercomputers! Wondering what could it be? It’s Linux. If you are still not convinced, companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and many others have their servers running on Linux-based […]

Does shared web hosting affect search engine ranking?

Do you own a great website? Have you purchased a paid web hosting plan? Are you still reeling under the shock of poor SEO rankings? If your answer to all the above questions is a definite yes, then read on to find out how a silent culprit can bring down your ranking without your knowledge. […]

How are SSL certificates essential for e-commerce?

SSL, a short form of Secure Sockets Layer. Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? If everyone around is discussing it and you are left wondering if it’s a piece of electric equipment, you are at the right page! Read on to know what SSL is and why it’s so essential for e-commerce. But first, let’s see what […]

free web hosting is not the best option

Reasons why you should avoid free web hosting.

Everyone loves free goodies! From free soaps and shampoos to free electronic goods, we have all fallen prey to such schemes by marketers. So why not go with free web hosting? After all, you can save money, right? Wrong! You could be doing a grave mistake by not shelling out a few hundred rupees every […]