FTP Account

                                  Create FTP Account in MSP Panel on Windows server

1.       Login to MSP Panel. MSP Panel is located at URL http://yourserver_ip:9001


2.       Once you are logged into MSP Panel, click on All Customers link.


3.       In the next screen, you will see the list of all created users. If you have not created any user yet, Click the username link under whom you want to add FTP account.


4.       In the next screen, you will see icons for all services you can manage from MSP Panel. Under System section click on FTP Accounts icon.


5.       In the next screen, list of previously created FTP accounts will be populated. To add a new FTP account, click on Create FTP Account button.


6.       In the next screen, enter FTP username, FTP account password and confirm it. In the Home Folder box, select the directory path where you want FTP user to land. Keep Read and Write checkbox checked and click Save button.


7.       Once new FTP account is added, you could see it in the list of all FTP accounts.


  • FTP Account
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