Site Files Upload

                                                                                                     How to Upload Site Files Using MSP Panel.


1.      Login to MSP Panel. MSP Panel is located at URL http://yourserver_ip:9001

2.      Once you are logged into MSP Panel, click on All Customers link.

3.      In the next screen, you will see the list of all created users. Click on the username under whom you want to upload site data.

4.      In the next screen, you will see icons for all services you can manage from MSP Panel. Under System section click on File Manager icon.


5.      In the new tab, you are able to see folders of your domain names under the File Name, and then choose the domain you want to upload your file to.

6.      Click on the wwwroot folder.

7.      Click Upload icon on the top left corner of this tab.

8.      Click Browse to select the files you want to upload. After this, click Upload button.

9.      After finishing the 6 steps listed above, you have successfully upload the site files to your domain.


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