DNS Template

Plesk - DNS Template 

What is DNS Template ?

Templates can be created for DNS on your server so that each domain added will use these settings by default. They can also be used to reset a domain’s DNS back to your template.

Using DNS templates in Plesk

Step 1 - Log in to your Plesk control panel. 

Step 2 - Select Tools & Settings from the Server Management section.

Step 3Select DNS Template from under the General Settings section.

Step 4 - You will see a list of the default DNS template settings. You can also add, modify, and remove records on this screen.

Step 5Select the Add DNS Record icon.

Step 6 - Input the details of the new record and click OK. In this example an A record for test.<domain> pointing to IP has been added.

Step 7 - At the top a notification will appear to state that changes have been made and a link will be given for you to update all existing domains with your changes.

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