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Generate CSR & installing SSL

Step 1 - Log in to your Plesk control panel. 

Step 2Go to the “Websites & Domains” tab and choose which domain you’d like to secure.

Step 3 - Click “SSL/TLS Certificate,” there should be a little certificate icon next to the option.

Step 4 - Click on the “Add SSL Certificate” Button.

Step 5 - On the following page, enter your Certificate Name and then fill in the required information (Country, State or Province, Location (City), Organization Name, Organization Department or Division Name, Domain Name and Email). Then click on "Request".

Step 6 - A new record will be added, this will include your private key and your CSR.

Step 7 - Select your CSR and submit it to the CA for SSL Activation.

Now that you have your Certificate issued, you’re ready to install it on your Plesk. 

Step 8 - Go to the domain and select your domain then click on "SSL/TLS Certificate".

Step 9 - Select the SSL Certificate that was just created when you generated your CSR.

Step 10 - On the following page, select the “Upload Certificate Files” section. Click the “Browse” button and locate the certificate and CA bundle files on your computer. The file will have the .crt extension, bundle one can be .crt or .ca-bundle. After both files are selected, choose “Send Files.”

Note: You can also copy and paste the two files into the corresponding boxes under “Upload the Certificates as Text.”

Step 11 - Go back to the “Websites and Domains” tab and click “Hosting Settings” beside the Domain you’re securing.

Step 12 - On the following page, in the “Security Section,” select the certificate from the drop-down tab and check “SSL Support.”

Step 11 - Click the “OK” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

You can check that the installation was a success..!!!


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