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Plesk - File Sharing

How does Plesk file sharing work?

The file sharing function of Plex Onyx makes it possible to save data on your own server and retrieve it the same way you would from cloud services like Dropbox, One Drive, or Google Drive. In addition, the uploaded files can be made available to selected user groups so that they can also access them.

Setting up file sharing in Plesk.

Step-1  Log in to your administrator account in the Plesk panel and open the settings menu, then select the “Tools & Settings” section. There, you’ll find the entry “File Sharing” under the list of  general settings, which takes you to the configuration menu.

Step - 2  First, set the root folder for file sharing under “Web Folder root URL”. All subdirectories that you create for file sharing are now placed in this folder. If you want to further protect the transmission, you can also activate the generation of secure links to files and folders via SSL/TLS.


Step - 3 If Plesk users should have the opportunity to make uploaded files public, for example, so that all visitors to a website can access them, then in the next step you’ll enable the check box “Enable public files”. It’s also necessary to name two additional folders: The first is the folder in which authorized users can store and edit files (“Folder for public files storage”). The second URL is the directory for read-only website visitor access to published files.

Step - 4 Finally, you can also specify a password-protected file upload folder that is only accessible to authorized users. For this, enable the option “Enable password-protection of public files” and enter the desired directory names. You can also specify user names as well as the access password.

Step - 5 Click on “OK” or “Apply” to confirm and save your file access settings.


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